What 3 dots?

I had to create a new account on https://meta.discourse.org/ to check on this:
Screenshot from 2023-11-20 09-22-58

What three dots is the pop-up referring to? This is as-is no scrolling.

I really wish this app had a LTS version that was recommended. Because I have read from devs on the forums that “Stable” should be avoided, and that beta should be used in production.

Am I missing the 3 dots in my meta login? Thanks for any clarity.

P.S. I did the in icognito browser just to make sure nothing was session/cache related.


Depends who you ask.


It’s these three dots, which I see on the bottom of your post (note: I’m an admin here on Meta).

Not sure if you can see those on your instance too?

Could be a valid issue that this user tip isn’t close to the three dots that it’s referring too though


hm, The thing it when scrolled down there were no 3 dots:


Even if there were, the pop-up location is off.

Here’s a video:

The popup then maybe should be where your red arrow is located.

How can I move from beta to stable? And why move to stable if you guys say “stable does not mean fewer bugs”?

I love Discourse. LOVE IT! … but I find little stuff after updates to real bug me.

This feels tangential, please open a new topic to discuss it :slight_smile:

Yeah interesting, the three dots are only there if there’s too many options (4?) to cleanly display. Looks like you didn’t make that threshold.

Feels like a valid point of feedback :slight_smile:

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I used a brand new account to test it. So yes, all new users won’t make that threshold.

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You can use try.discourse.org. Then you don’t have to create a new account here (But I think you automatically get trust level 1 there, so you are able to flag posts and the 3 dots appear).


…noted thank you, I forgot all about that!

Thanks, Hayden! Looks like you uncovered a bug with that user tip. If the site you are on does not hide any post menu items behind ... then the ... is not shown and that user tip is orphaned and shown in the wrong location. We’ll get this fixed.

More about hiding post menu items.

There is are admin settings for post menu and post menu hidden items. By default, there are nine of them (eight for non-staff) which is alot, so five of them are hidden behind the .... If a site, like meta, decides to show fewer of them and to not hide them, then the ... is not shown.

For future reference, you can display the user tips again by selecting the Show user tips again button on your user preferences > interface. You don’t have to create test user accounts for that purpose. Though the first user tip is not shown again, which is a known but low priority bug.

I also noticed the “Keep reading!” user tip is a bit off. This is related to the new “Related” tab in that location that was created later. Will also look into having this fixed.

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 6.31.22 AM


I thought so too, but after you reached tl1 here on meta, you are able to flag and the 3 dots appear. So this is one of the issues you have to be at tl0

Thanks again, your guy’s hard work is much appreciated!

Edit 2: I just accidentally deleted my edit/post because pressed the 3 dots more than once.

I was saying the test user can be deleted if its against any rules: @hydnchk

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Ah, excellent. I see! I am able to replicate this now as a TL0 user on another site I manage.

This is an important discovery because it affects all sites that have left the post menu at the default, not just sites that have decided to not hide items behind the .... Even on my own site there is no ... on the post menu for TL0 users. I suspect it’s always been this way but we are only noticing now.