What abilities do TL4 have in view-only Categories?

If we create a Category which is view-only (See-only) for Everyone,
And we create a specific group which has Reply and Create rights,
(effectively creating a closed conversation that everyone can read)
And we create a specific group as the Category Moderators,
And if none of our TL4s are in the Category Moderators group…

Do the TL4 members still have Trust Level-Related Permissions within that Category, such as the ability to Lock or Unlock Topics? Or are they limited a read-only status, like the rest of Everyone?


That is a great question. :slight_smile:

I have just set it up on my test site to try it out:

  • Create category with permissions:
    everyone | see
    groupA | create
  • Have a TL4 test user not in groupA

When the test user tries to create a topic in that category the button is greyed out as expected, the test user also cannot edit anyone’s posts as they can in the other categories (no edit pencil).

However, they do still have access to the post and topic wrench menus, so can add staff notice, make wiki, rebuild HTML, as well as select posts (move to), open/close topic, pin, archive, unlist, set topic timer, reset bump date, and set slow mode.

Though, as they’re TL4s and are highly trusted community members you could ask them not to do those things in that category and they should respect that?


Are they able to reply to a different topic than split that reply into a topic in the restricted category?

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Interestingly they do have that ability.

Though, I’ll emphasise again that these community members are the people you trust most, and these kinds of transgressions would be easy to spot if their abilities were misused.

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Thanks, much.

Important to our planning.

Jammy’s right, you should be able to trust your TL4s, as long as you remember to inform them, but perhaps this is an area the devs simply never thought to investigate or address. Bit of an edge case.


Or not. What about company related forums?

Sure, there is another solutions like never give TL4 to another than company member, even community-side would benefit if there would be TL4s.

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