Is it possible to prevent moderators to see ip's and emails?

It seems like moderators can access the admin page of any users.
The admin page displays their IP and email address.
It doesn’t even have a button with show email or show IP which means it’s not logged either.
Basically I just wanna have forum moderators that can help organizing the forum they shouldn’t have access to private data of users.
So my question is if there’s any way to prevent moderators from seeing this data.

Do these users really need to be moderators? Would trust level 4 do the trick?


I’d like them to be able to change the category of topics, move posts into a new topic or existing topic, lock/unlock topics and mark things resolved with the plugin.

This all sounds like stuff TL4 can do or should be able to do.

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When I impersonate as someone with TL4 I can’t modify the category of a topic for sure which is the main thing that they need to do because we have sub categories for fixed/accepted/declined etc.
When I click on the title it opens the quick edit normally for me but as TL4 it just opens the topic again as a regular user.

Move a topic to another category is doable by TL3 and up. If you can’t do it as TL4 something is broken.

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Hm it seems like that when I edit the post It’ll let me change the category but not when I click on the title so I suppose this is a bug.

Be sure to read through

The feature request to allow any TL4 to accept an answer via solved plugin is fine, and should be tracked separately.

Alright it seems to work with TL4 indeed I just supposed it didn’t work because it didn’t let me edit the title and category when I clicked on the title.
Is this a known issue or should I create a topic for it?

This edit button is not available for TL4 users.

That is a minor bug that should be tracked seperately

Alright thanks.