What are Link Click Counters?

:information_source: What are link click counters?

Link Click Counters are numbered counters that are displayed next all links shared through Discourse. Link counters are enabled for all http and https links on a site, and will be present for both internal and external links.

:tipping_hand_woman: Let’s see if link counters are working here. Click this link!

A few additional things to note about the behavior of how link click counters function:

  • The link counter is intelligent enough to not track when you click your own links. The link gets counts when other users click on it, up to a maximum of one click per user.
  • If an anonymous user clicks on a link, the link will be counted, but will only be counted once per IP address. An anonymous user can’t keep clicking on the same link to increase the counter more than once from the same IP address.
  • The link counter is only raised on the client side when a link is clicked, and the counter is updated as soon you refresh the page.
  • The counter will only increase if you left click on the link. If you middle click, control click, or right click and open the link in a new tab, the click will not be counted because there’s no click action to catch - similar to copy-pasting the URL into the address bar.