What are the most natural languages for devs who want to code on Discourse?

We’re making Discourse dev far more central to our website to build some cool new features and syncs with React (which will all be available in the plugins section).

If i wanted to put ads out for devs to join our volunteer public well-being and community, what languages would be most natural for developing on Discourse?

I believe you guys built originally on Ruby on Rails, right?

Search here for “plugin #howto” and “theme #howto”.

Yes, Discourse is written in rails.


When reaching out for help there are 2 types of developers you would look for

  • Ruby on Rails devs (for plugin development)

  • JavaScript frontend devs with Ember.js experience (for theme and theme component development)

Some people are both, some people are neither and can just pick stuff up. Honestly, best target for passion here vs very specific skill sets.