What are the plugins enabled on meta.discourse.org?

(Sat) #1

I’m curious to know what are the plugins enabled on meta.discourse.org, thanks!

I’m able to guess only two plugins. :frowning:

  1. Sitemap
  2. Solved
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(Alex) #2

It’s vanilla Discourse, just the official plugins every Discourse platform arrives with in the box.

(Kris) #3

We also have some theme components enabled, and occasionally test new ones on Meta.

Is there a specific reason you’re asking? Functionality you’re looking to replicate?

(Sat) #4

@awesomerobot Yes, I liked all the features which are available on this site so trying to replicate.

(Sat) #5

any help on this from official staff? If this info is not sharable then please let me know, will not bother on this.


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #6

99% of the user facing features here are just vanilla Discourse.

For the user facing changes you see here:

  • discourse-solved
  • discourse-cakeday
  • discourse-saved-searches
  • discourse-checklist
  • discourse-yearly-review
  • discourse-spoiler-alert
  • discourse-github
(Sat) #7

Thank you @Falco ! I will try all those plugins.

(Régis Hanol) #8

You should not blindly :see_no_evil: add plugins.

You should start with a vanilla install and if you need a feature provided by one of these plugins, you should review them and only then install them.

(Stephen) #9

100x this. Several times now I’ve been asked to troubleshoot instances where the root cause were plugins which had been installed but never used.

Aside from creating crazy UI clutter, when you rebuild there’s always the risk that a change hasn’t been reflected/supported within a plugin. When that happens a rebuild may fail, or lead to unpredictable behavior.

In one of those instances they had easily ~20 plugins in app.yml and were only using two.

Talk about taking unnecessary risks :crazy_face:

(Sat) #10

True, I installed plugins only which are required and used. :slight_smile:

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