What are the 'Private spaces'? What difference with 'Categories'?

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On this page are mentioned the ‘Private spaces’:

Make your entire site private, or just certain categories. Approve all new users, or make your site invite-only.

I have not found anything related to a ‘private space’ in the Admin Dashboard. Is a ‘private space’ really distinct from a ‘category’? Is it a different feature?

Do you mean this? :slight_smile:


I thought an example of a private space is the lounge and other restricted categories.

The lounge here is like an airline lounge that you can access at Trust Level 3 (TL3):

access a private “frequent flier’s lounge” category only visible to users at trust level 3 and higher


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Thanks but this is not what I mean :slight_smile:
No I understand that the word ‘space’ (in the About page) = ‘instance (of a forum)’.
As I am looking for access rights management and more detailed permissions like in the “traditional” phpBB forums, I double-check every feature related to this.

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Thanks @Remah , it confirms that ‘Trust levels’ and ‘Categories’ are the only features related to ‘access rights management’ and ‘permissions’ in Discourse.

Because the ‘administrator’ has full permissions (like a ‘super-admin’) while the moderator can even not create a category, an intermediate level is missing : a “normal” administrator.

Here is my situation : as “super-admin”, I create and deliver several forums. I would like to delegate their administration to other users, however they need more rights / permissions than the (current) ‘moderator’ level.


I haven’t seen anything in the release category that suggests something like this is coming.

I see you already found the topic on other permission schemes people that would like to see here:


This topic looks similar to what you want but I couldn’t tell if you had seen it (It is much easier to find where you have been if you like posts that you support):

Edit: Likewise with this topic:



Thanks for mentioning these two topics.
I have also found this one where I request for some feedback ; who knows…