What are the 'user-identifying stats'?

This plugin option doesn’t provide any context.

Add user-identifying stats to the first post of the review topic

What kind of user-identifying stats are we exactly talking about? Usernames?

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The stats are:

Have a look at 2021: The Year in Review to see the review topic that was generated on Meta for 2021.


I know what it could generate, I just wonder what kind of influence that toggle has. When disabled, the plugin will not work at all? What would be the difference exactly?

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With that off, you will just see stats highlighting the top topics in the top categories. Users will still be associated with those, of course, but you won’t get statistics and totals like number of hours read, and so on.


Thanks! I disabled the option and a more privacy friendly overview is now indeed shown. My forum isn’t that active, so the review is quite short. But I like it.