What causes rake uploads:fix_relative_upload_links

I just did an import from smf2. It worked fine on my machine but when the client ran it, a bunch of images got tombstoned, and recover from tombstone says to run

 rake uploads:fix_relative_upload_links

Does anyone have a guess what might have gone wrong?

And now a bunch of images are just failing to render. That is, something like


is rendering https://host.com/images/transparent.png

Hi @pfaffman , did you find a resolution to this? I’m seeing the transparent.png in this thread: Rebaking old posts won't pull new S3 CDN URL after S3 bucket rename - #10 by Brad_Wood

Yeah, saw your earlier post and didn’t have a good answer. That S3 stuff can be tricky. My best free answer is make sure you follow the example in Using Object Storage for Uploads (S3 & Clones) (with CDNs for discourse and the bucket). If that doesn’t work and you have a budget I can have a closer look (and the first thing I would do is what I just recommended!).

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