What do I need before signing up?

(Gina A. Riley) #1

A few questions, thank you in advance.

(1) Before I sign up for discourse hosting, do I need to have a forum already for migration?

(2) I have a great idea of the setup of a discourse so that being said, I am guessing that I need to have the categories already written and ready to go for the hosting party to download or implement?

(3) I noticed some of the discourse forums have really cool background pictures like “Gems of War” & some have a black background, that I really like. If I want to add picture background, what dimension should I get it in?

Note: I am starting from scratch.

Thanks again, Gina

(Christoph) #2

You could start with a 14 day free trial:

No, you don’t need that. You enter them once you log in as an admin.

BTW: it is better to start off with just a few categories anyway and add nee ones based on how the community evolves.


Hey @gina_riley

I’ll second @tophee’s suggestion – the best way to get things organised is to sign up for a trial and have a play around.

Specific answers to your questions:

  1. No. If you are starting from scratch there will nothing to migrate. You’ll start with a fresh Discourse instance and build your community from the ground up. You can ask questions and get support for that here in our #community category.

  2. No. Once you have your trial set up, you can organise your categories yourself. It is always better to start small and grow as you need to. Have the bare minimum of categories (support/general/one or two subject related categories) and add to that as you see what the requirements are.

  3. Those are themes. You can change your theme here – check out the hamburger menu


That said, there are lots of ways of customising Discourse. I’d suggest getting your trial up and running and then we can help you with next steps.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I believe that hamburger theme thing is custom here on meta as a demo, so it is better to change user theme in your user preferences in the usual place which will work in all cases.


Ah yes – what he said. ^^

Thanks for the catch.