What do macros decode to?

I’m looking at the new user onboarding flow, and that has led me to the system_messages.welcome_user.text_body_template, which uses %{new_user_tips}, among other macros.

I’m struggling to find where these value are set.

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It is not apparent to me, either! Fortunately someone referred to that exact macro before:

As for where it is used, /admin/customize/site_texts?locale=en&q=%25{new_user_tips} shows a few templates:

I’ve never seen another macro that pull into the content from another content template in Discourse. :slight_smile:

I… still don’t understand

What / where is ‘Transifex’?

And also, without asking here, how would I know that %{new_user_tips} == system_messages.usage_tips.text_body_template


Transifex is our system for people contributing translations for localisation. You don’t need to worry about that and can pretend it doesn’t exist.

But this is a good question - most of the below are (I think) self-evident except for new_user_tips. In any case it might be a good idea to have an ⓘ explanation nearby.

Available interpolation keys: site_name, new_user_tips, base_url, username, name, name_or_username

You’d have to go digging into the code to find system_messages.usage_tips.text_body_template.

This is something that could definitely be improved so it’s apparent in the editor.


I think the values are set here:

But I agree that it would be welcome to see a note about it somewhere.


Thanks @Arkshine! That’s helpful!

And… That block is named defaults, implying that they can be changed to point to other values…?