What do you call your membership managers? Community Engagement Team?

I am exploring setting up a private group (with linked email address) and category for myself and colleagues who are tasked with running the community. We are moderators and staff, but we also do more to nurture growth and engagement in our community, and to provide additional hand holding and support to individual members as they get started with setting up their profiles and finding their bearings.

I’m struggling a bit to decide what to propose calling ourselves. We’re not managers, really, and don’t find “membership managers” to be a very compelling label in any case. I find “community support team” to be closer but also not ideal because we are a participatory community and don’t want members to look to us for support (including maybe even financial).

Most recently I was thinking “community engagement team” seems closest. It also matches our email address for membership which is community@foo.com.

What do you call yourselves? Any advice for me? Thanks! :seedling:

Community Manager seems to be the most common title out there so sounds like you’re on the right track.


I’m interested in this statement. Maybe it’s cultural semantics but here in NZ, to ‘run’ something is the same as to ‘manage’ it.

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I also do not like the term and am leaning towards the term “Community Advocates” instead. My reasoning may be a little different. I’m trying to frame our discussion platform as a “community of communities” and want to find volunteers who are already engaged with different subcommunities on and off the platform to be bridges and advocates for the people they “represent” (again, for lack of a better term) on the platform.


“Community management” as a practice is already a recognized term throughout the, erm, community management industry.

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Yep - I understand all that and agree with you. My own title is … drum roll … “Community Manager”.

But this topic is about more than that… we have a small team of people who work here to help take care of the community. Not all of them call themselves managers and not all of them are doing what I’d call management level work.

I am mostly seeking examples for the discourse group you use on your site to make this team reachable, in discousre groups and in email. I know here it’s called @team and team@discourse.org which makes good sense to me for this context.


As @mcwumbly mentions, Community Advocate can be an option as well.

But if you’re just looking for ways to make the team reachable, it seems you already have the good model here.

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