What does editing a topic title trigger?

…does it advance the bump date?
…does it send notifications about the topic?

I’m wondering about editing a bunch of older topic titles to clean up around my site. But I do not want my editing of the title to change any bump dates, nor send any notifications.

(I’m aware there’s a “reset bump date” option… I don’t want to have to hit that too a zillion times… hoping I can just edit without it having any effects.)

It definitely changes the bump date unless you’re within whatever the short-editing window when you first make it is (obviously in your case you wouldn’t be). I’m not certain what notification you’re referring to, if you mean to whoever made the topic then no it doesn’t.

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If I change a topic title of another user, that user gets an edit notification.


people watching, or tracking the topic; and people watching-first-post in the category . . .

But your point about the bump date tells me that I have to remember to reset-bump-date if I want to edit titles on the down low :slight_smile: Thanks.

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