Email notifications don't always respect 'Reset Bump Date'

When editing or merging old posts some users are still notified by email which leads to weird situations:

The reason for edits is that some of the old posts contain garbage from a previous forum or mailing list, such as nested quotes and AOL signature spam or similar.

It would be best if Reset Bump Date was absolute.

I’m not following. How was the user notified of the edit? Can you describe the exact series of events?

The user gets an email, as they would normally get for a new post in a topic. Most of them have mailing list mode enabled, but users who have participated in the topic (who don’t have mailing list mode enabled) also get an email notification.

Editing the first post, the last post, or merging topics seems to be the trigger, even if I use Reset Bump Date.

EDIT: I’ll see if I can get a solid repro with exact steps. It’s been intermittent so far.

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Here is one example where one would think Reset Bump Date would not trigger any notifications:

These two topics need to be merged, so I’ll select all posts from the newer one and move them into the older:

I immediately get a new reply notification:

Next I’ll use the Reset Bump Date wrench action, but 5 minutes later, the emails have been sent:

Reset bump date was never intended to be a magical “no email notifications” button, though. The only purpose it has is to reset the order in the topic list.

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But, shouldn’t it though? There are admin actions that should leave the discussion undisturbed, and Reset Bump Date does that for browser users, but not consistently for email users.