What does IA stand for?

Noob question for sure. I’ve seen @HAWK use it multiple times.

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Not at all. It’s a UX term and I should have expanded on it. :slight_smile:
Information Architecture.


A bit jargon-y for my tastes, personally.

Perhaps in CM circles but in UX it’s a very standard and frequently used term. Def not jargon.

I would say via programming circles it is a bit jargony and should be avoided. UX for example is wayyy more common. And UI is well understood as an abbreviation.

A quick Google turn info architecture up as the first result. :stuck_out_tongue:

Right but nobody needs to google “UI” or “UX”, that is kinda the point. They are in wide usage.

Like any abbreviation, I suspect this started because it was being repeatedly written. I write it frequently so I tend to use the abbreviation. I’m not sure why we’re actually debating this… :slight_smile:


I’ve a few books with this title in my library and … I’m not fond of the genre as a whole. :man_shrugging:

Before asking, I googled a few queries like community IA and got nothing useful. Ironically just searching for bare IA would have been better.