What does Monthly Engaged Users (MEU) include?

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Just wanted to check if MEU includes the responses to polls and comments as well?

The definition of MEU currently is Monthly unique count of users that like or post on the community. Need more clarity.

Where are you seeing this definition? The closest thing I am seeing to this is the Daily Engaged Users report. That report shows the number of unique users who have liked a post, or posted on the forum in a given day. I don’t believe that it shows the unique number of users for a monthly time period though. Let me know if that is the report you are looking at and I’ll have a closer look at how it is defining an engaged user.

Hey Simon!

Thanks for your response! What I’ve been doing is adding up the Daily Engaged Users on a month on month basis. Just wanted to check if the calculation of daily engaged users include those who respond to polls as well as comments? Or is it just those who post and like?

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Voting in a poll is not currently adding a user to the Daily Engaged Users report. The only actions that add a user to this report are liking a post, creating a topic or PM, or replying to a topic or PM.

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