Daily Engaged Users



Can someone tell me if the Daily Engaged Users report shows unique or total daily users?

If it is the total, can I assume that
“User Visits” - “Daily Engaged Users” = “Number of total visits with no interaction”



Daily Engaged Users is the number of unique users that have performed a like or post action on that particular day.

So yes, user visits for dayX - daily engaged users on dayX = lurkers on dayX


Thank you sir,

I didn’t realise that the User Visits were unique visits. Thanks for the clarification.



It’s madam, but that’s cool. :wink:

I’m going to double check this with @joffreyjaffeux because it’s possible that I’m making an incorrect assumption in saying that they are.

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@testingsoftware click the little question mark icon on the graph to see what the graph means.


There isn’t a graph for User Visits.

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@hawk if we need to improve this help text, let’s do that, rather than answering the same questions here day in and day out :wink:


That’s not the question here though. The question relates to User Visits and whether they are unique. No help text exists.



no question mark.

still it doesn’t say if is the total number or unique number or visits. I assumed it was total I can’t remember why.


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what you do, just wanted clarification…