What does 'revoke email' action mean in Logs?

In my Logs > Staff Actions tab I can see that System has taken the action ‘Revoke Email’ for a number of users, the Details are either “translation missing: en.user.email.revoked” or "Wont be sending emails to [user email address] until [date/time].

What does this mean and what is the trigger for these actions?

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Whenever Discourse sends an email and gets a bounce back, it will increment the “bounce score” of that email address.
If the score reaches the “bounce score threshold”, then the email will be temporarily “revoked” and Discourse won’t be sending any emails until a certain date.

The “translation missing” was fixed a couple of weeks ago and should not happen again.

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Thank you!

Does this continue indefinitely or is there a point at which the system automatically stops sending emails to that address completely?

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There is the “bounce score threshold deactivate” which, once reached, will automatically deactivate the user’s account.

We never send emails to inactive account (and this requires the user to re-confirm their email address).


I’m a bit confused about how this works; as I understand it, with the default settings a user will not receive any new emails when he reaches a score of 4 - and this score will be reset after 30 days. So in which scenario can a user reach the bounce score of 30? Or is this a separate counter that keeps track of this users’s lifetime bounce score?

Bounces are not always immediate. They may take several hours/days to get sent back. The bounce counter is updated for every bounce, so even though we’ve stopped sending emails, there might be some bounces that comes in later.


I have a user who tells me that he is receiving no mails. Looking into the logs, i am able to identify the revoke email action for this.

Before the user will receive mails again, there is another 10 days to wait.

What can i do to let the user receive new mails again immediately?

The bounce score is already reset to 0; i guess that is because I recently lowered the reset bounce score after days settings. How can I let the user receive mails again immediately?