"Reason" for badge doesn't show on admin page when I grant it manually to a post

Whenever I grant a user a badge directly on a post, the “Reason” is left blank, where it should be filled in with the post URL:

That’s odd. This seems similar to this fixed bug:

I can see you’re using the stable version, but this fix should be included. :thinking:

Note: I can’t reproduce it with the latest version.

Ah. I’ve figured it out. More of a misunderstanding than a bug.

I had unchecked “Show post granting badge on badge page”.

But that setting is misleading. It doesn’t only hide it from the badge page it also hides it from admin so I can’t see the reason even if I’m an admin.

I’d like to be able to not show it on the badge page but still see it as an admin when editing a user’s badges.

Seems wrong that if the data is there, an admin cannot see it unless everyone can :thinking:



I see, tagged this to the staff experience team and moved to ux

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