What exactly can Group Owners do?

I don’t know if this belongs in Trust Level Permissions Table (inc Moderator Roles) or is a separate thing. What exactly can a Group Owner do? I know they can add and invite users, but do they have other control? Or is this all admin-only?


Here’s a list that I think this covers everything a non-admin group owner can change… possible I’m still missing a thing or two.

  • Profile, including…
    group full name
    “about group”
  • Members
    add, remove, and invite group members
    elevate others as group owners
    remove self from group
    change group access (join/leave freely)
    avatar flair image (also used as the group icon on the group list, right?[1]
    configure automatic members based on email
    edit trust level effects
    set “automatically set as primary group”
    set default title
  • Interaction
    Who can mention and message the group
    Change the default notification level for messages sent to the group
    Who can assign to the group (if the assign plugin is set up)
    Change group visibility
    Change group member visibility
    Edit ability to publish group read state on messages
  • Notifications
    Select default category and tag notification levels for group members (tracking, watching, etc)
  • Logs
    View the log of which group settings have been changed, and who changed them

  1. that’s confusing, but probably a separate issue… ↩︎


Cool, thanks! That’s really helpful!


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