What exactly does "client.sync_sso" do? (Discourse Ruby API)

(Chris Beck) #1

Does it perform some sort of db query?

Does it only search among currently logged in users?

When I pass a table to “sync”, can that change the logged-in status or
DB status? Or is it only “fill in this query with data from (a?) matching
entry in the db?”

I didn’t find any documentation that explained it, thanks!

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Cliient.sync_sso calls a missing route
(Sam Saffron) #2

During the SSO process we (optionally depending on settings) synchronize a bunch of details on the users table, stuff like email,username,name,avatar and custom fields.

Occasionally you may want update all this information without a user needing to log off and log on to Discourse.

For cases like this you would define and admin API key and ship the SSO payload to sync_sso so it will update the user details.