What happens to trust level and staff groups when using sso overrides groups?

Sorry if this question lacks some basic understanding of how things work in Discourse.

If I enable sso overrides groups, what happens to the trust level groups and to staff, moderators, and admins? We don’t have the former in our SSO system, and we have staff with a different meaning, and while we happen to not have admins and moderators, if we did, it would be kind of weird to reserve those for Discourse admins and moderators only. (Is there a way to do a mapping or something in the Discourse config?)

This setting, as explained in the description, only works with manual groups, so automatic groups like

aren’t touched because of the value of the groups parameter of the SSO payload.

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Ah! I see the “?type=automatic” in the groups filter. That clears it up. Thank you!

Automatic groups also can be filtered via the UI in the groups page:

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Yep, exactly. Now it all makes sense. I appreciate your help!

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