What I need to do if I want this kind of page layout?

Hey guys, I just found a very good forum https://forum.pokt.network/

I like the layout of the page, in which they have a short list of category at the left hand and the latest news of the right hand, do you know how to achieve this kind
of layout? Thanks a lot!

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Maybe start here Discourse Sidebar Blocks


@HAWK ^ would this be possible on business hosted discourse forums?

Also take a look at: Custom Layouts Plugin and specifically: 🗃 Category List Widget - Layouts - Pavilion


@hequaye the plugin suggested by @HAWK above is not available on our hosting (it’s unofficial and at this point it is quite outdated). The Custom Layouts plugin is also not available in our hosting.

Your best bet for a sidebar is to look in the #theme category and search for “sidebar”. Here are a few candidates:

Some of these have the sidebar on the right, but it can be moved to the left with a little bit of CSS in most cases. If you need more help with your site specifically, feel free to write a message to @team.


Thank you! Quick question, is it possible for moderators or admin to edit the CSS of designs on business standard hosted forums?

Yes, admins can install themes and add custom CSS on any of the discourse.org hosting tiers.