Atlas, a simple blog-styled theme with an optional sidebar

Atlas features an alternate topic list layout intended to highlight topic excerpts, and also includes space for an (optional) sidebar. Categories feature user-dismissable headers populated by the “About” topic.

:telescope: Preview on theme creator (note that excerpts aren’t turned on, so the preview is a bit limited)

:octopus: Github repo:

:question: How do I install a Theme or Theme Component?

:information_source: Important notes:

  • The sidebars are added using the Custom Sidebar component , which can be setup to feature a post as the sidebar content for specified categories. Configuration details are in the repo’s readme.

  • The theme works best with the box category style (admin > settings)

  • Excerpts can be enabled using a hidden site setting called always_include_topic_excerpts. To enable this setting you need console access to your server.

    To enable excerpts via the command line

    ./launcher enter app
    rails c

    and then in the rails console

    SiteSetting.always_include_topic_excerpts = true

:hammer_and_wrench: Future improvements

  • There are some hard-coded colors in this theme, I need to update those to be editable by color schemes

  • Settings to turn certain features (like category headers) on and off


Thank you for the good work, is there a way to change header color from black to probably a light one i.e. white?
I am novice here, so advance many thanks for answering a basic question.


when members create new topic “tag field is missing” please solve this


Oh yes you’re right, I forgot about that. It’s fixed now. Thanks for reporting it.


Looks like these icons are missing now

EDIT: Oh I think it is related to this migration:

EDIT 2: And here is a PR :tada:


For some reason when I try to open it in theme creator

I end up on the blog styling component.

I also am unable to successfully open the the theme in theme creator.
I use the “review on theme creator” link in the main post, and it takes me to the " View Shared Theme" modal on the url, but after clicking the “View Theme” button, I am left at this url: without visiting the theme:

Hmm, I’m not sure what was happening there… but I recreated the link ( and it seems to be ok now. I’ve updated the original post.


I haven’t looked into this yet, but looks like there are some issues with this theme now on Discourse 2.7.0 beta1. If you look at it in the theme creator it is missing the topic previews and some other icons


I’ve made some general updates to the theme to fix what was broken, and plan on some more!