What is Communiteq.org? (.org not .com)

Edit: The owner of the .org site writes below that it was a demo project and he’s taking it offline. See https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-is-Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting)-org-org-not-com/30554/3 — so it was a well intended site then, and my thoughts below were wrong /Edit

There is https://www.communiteq.com which I think people know about already, but there is also http://www.discoursehosting.org. I’m thinking that the latter site, which ends with .org not .com, is not a serious hosting provider and perhaps they would steal people’s money? They bought their domain in 2014, more than one year later than .com, but still opted for the almost same domain name.

No one uses www.discoursehosting.org right, and you too think it’s a scam? (But many people like www.[Communiteq](https://www.communiteq.com) (formerly DiscourseHosting) (with com) I suppose.)

So this is what happens if one doesn’t buy the com domain name, only buys .org? I actually once went to .org and thought “oh they’ve remade their website and now they require people to pay up front, they’ve removed the trial period”. This was before I had become aware about both the org and com versions, and I had typed ...org in the address bar.

Edit: Now I googled for the person who has registered the .org and seems he’s a real person. I am confused.

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It’s also what happens if you decide not to trademark the name “Discourse” (in the context of forum software, as explained in the topic).

Hey there, I’m the owner of Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting).org. I started it as a demo project with prompt from a client, but it didn’t go beyond that. I’m going to take it down today. Please use another site.


Thanks for answering :- ) I updated the original post with the info you provided and linked to your comment.

(B.t.w. how did you find this topic that quickly? I’ts just a few minutes since the topic was created)

I found his e-mail on whois.net and e-mailed him :wink:

Thanks for taking the time to drop by and clarify @spocksplanet!


No worries. Sorry about the confusion. :blush: