What is Discourse's definition of small/large communities? (when to upgrade 1gb to 2gb)

Hello everyone!

Trying out discourse, since nodeBB was not working the way we wanted, currently installed it on a 1gb ram droplet.

Now in the documentation it’s stated that 1gb will work just fine for small communities, but 2gbs is recommended for larger communities (I assume this is due to redis?)

Well my question is how do you define small/large communities? I ask because we’d want to know when to upgrade the droplet before any issues spawned.

Thank you guys!

(sidenote, a little praise - the documentation for discourse is so clean, thank you for that specifically)


Hard to say, some things to look at

  • how many posts per day
  • how many topics per day
  • how many simultaneously active logged in users
  • how many simultaneous anonymous users

I would not worry about it unless you consider your community large to start with. Just wait and see, you can always upsize a droplet.