Size of community and recommended specs

Hi folks, this may have been answered but my search terms turned up a blank. Does anyone have any guides to how much CPU and ram is needed for communities of different sizes?

Any help would be appreciated.

How many people do you plan to migrate onto Discourse on Day One and what growth do you expect?

There are many variables you also need to consider- how many Topics, who will be online simultaneously, etc. etc.

The thing to bear in mind is that it’s extremely easy to scale up to a bigger server when you feel like you are running out of resources, so start with something modest, monitor it and then migrate to a bigger server when the time comes.


This is for a work internal developer community of potentially 20,000 developers

It’s going to really depend on how popular it turns out to be. :man_shrugging:

I would say you might need at least an 8GB/4vCPU with 50GB disk (depending if you begin with blank slate or you will migrate data into it from day one in which case you might need more) and 2GB swap to kick off, but make sure you have the ability to scale this if needed, especially disk space of the primary disk.

That should be able to serve up to 8 requests (not sessions) simultaneously if you configure 2 Unicorns per vCPU (ie 8). Other requests will be queued (and that’s ok if its just one queued rarely and two is very rare).

Discourse utilises a front end framework, and once that’s loaded, 99.9% of the data travelling between client and server is json, not full render, so it’s fairly economical with bandwidth and thus turnaround of requests.

You can then monitor and scale as required. Backing up and restoration is a doddle thanks to Discourse’s helpful UI and command line tools.

I’m sure some more specialist SA’s can chime in but that will probably get you very far to begin with.


Thank you so much for your help.

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