What is "Queue"?

Since the weird menu makeover I’ve been getting something called Queue, which I’ve never seen before.

Do I need to take action or do those posts get posted automatically if I ignore them?


I’m not sure. :thinking: The only thing that sounds like is the Review Queue, but that wouldn’t be a new thing. If posts go to /review for approval you would need to approve them for them to make it onto the site.

Do you have a screenshot you can share? (here or in a PM)


Queue is what the notifications show for posts pending approval in the Review Queue. I see it a lot on my instance where we lock users to TL0 to force mod approval of their posts before using silences/suspensions.

Depending on the value of the auto handle queued age setting they either remain in the queue until handled (set to 0) or they get rejected automatically > 0.

That setting also affects other flag types as the description mentions:

Automatically handle records that are waiting to be reviewed after this many days. Flags will be ignored. Queued posts and users will be rejected. Set to 0 to disable this feature.