What is the default file?

(Nathan Knauss) #1

Hi I was strolling for Forums today and found Vanilla however, I like Discourse better. I downloaded the Discourse source from GitHub but, when I upload it to Filezilla it brings me upto the site and shows me the directory instead of the actual Community/Forum. Is there any direct way I can check if it’s working? If so which file may I set a redirect to if so.

(Nathan Knauss) #2

Does Discourse need compiling as it uses Composer?

(Gary McPherson) #3

You don’t install Discourse by simply uploading the source files. It won’t work if you’re using regular shared hosting, either. See the installation instructions here: discourse/INSTALL-cloud.md at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(Nathan Knauss) #4

Thanks for the help.

(David Taylor) #5

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