What is the path to error logs?

Can someone confirm the exact path where the logs are written to when using SSO or how I can view them? In the admin area, it says logs are in “/logs”, but can someone tell me where that is? I’m using a docker based 1-click install from Digital Ocean and getting a blank white screen while trying to get my SSO setup.

It’s referring to log viewer web UI living at /logs, i.e. example.com/logs.

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Thanks, that helps @xrav3nz

I did some digging in the meantime and also found a log file via the command line in case it helps anyone down the road.

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app

cd /shared/log/rails
vi production.log

I imagine this is what is being showing in the UI as well

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Yup, they’re the same, except the web UI is feature-rich and easier to read/navigate. :wink:

Here’s a screenshot from the GitHub repo.

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