What is the point of the address fields?

What is the point of the address fields? The data doesn’t seem to go anywhere, and only the country is required by Stripe.

I hid them with this:

// hide unnecessary address fields in subscriptions
.discourse-subscriptions-section-columns {
    input.subscribe-address-postal-code, input.subscribe-address-line1, input.subscribe-address-city, input.subscribe-address-state {
    .subscribe-address-country-select {

And is there a way to autofill the Country field if all users are based in that country?

Doesn’t Stripe validate the credit card by matching the address?

It seems an optional thing - can be turned on if required. Which I haven’t done and don’t intend to as it doesn’t make sense in our situation.

If those checks were turned on, it would make sense to have the fields both display and be mandatory. If off, it makes sense to not display them. Should this be a feature request?

Have you looked at the failed transactions to see if you’re missing any subscriptions because of a failed address verification?

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So far so good. Maybe it just isn’t a problem for us in little old New Zealand (yet).

I can’t see how to do this without forking the plugin. Anyone got any suggestions of how to do this?

Stripe does indeed collect addresses when sent through via the API.

However, it looks a bit tricky to get it out as billing address is not included in the customer data export in their UI.