What is the preferred type of server, Dedicated or VPS?

What is the preferred type of dedicated server or VPS to install Discourse !?

I am very disappointed. I do not know what is the preferred server to install

Both work just fine. Pick the one that best serves your budget.


Thank you I will do it as soon as possible

Could not install on VPS previously tried that

You will need a KVM VPS. Digital Ocean works.


This hosting does not accept the payment methods in my country, given that I am from the Middle East in Asia :thinking: Iam from Iraq?

I don’t really know a lot of service providers in that area. Maybe Ali Cloud?

The important thing is to find a service provider that fits your needs that provides KVM Virtualization in their VPS.


Thanks for the helpful answer, I will try this type of VPS splitting as soon as possible :hibiscus:

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