What is the sense for a mod to "spam flag" a message but not take action immediately

If an admin or a mod flags a message “offtopic” but not takes action immediately, a red counter appears, which is seen immediately by the admin or mod who just flagged.

Suppose I, an admin, just flagged.
Now I see the red counter which asks me to review the flag and take action.

Once I tried to do so, other admins and mods asked me “why did I flag and not take any action”.

And now I’m asking myself - what is the purpose and how it should work? How these two scenarios are different and where to use each.

Here are a few reasons you might want to do that

  • you want other moderators to review it before you take action
  • you don’t have time to do a proper review and want to leave it in the queue for later

What if it is a “spam flag”, and someone from the mods clicks “Postpone” button… Will 2 more spam flags (now total of 3) lead to an action taken automatically?

In other words, will all spam flags be counted to check with the threshold, or non-postponed flags only?