What is this checkbox icon in the topic list?

What is the little icon in your topic name?

Solved. Using the solved plugin, that topic was marked as solved, thus the icon.


So that’s a feature now? How do I implement it?

If your site has been deployed, it’ll show up in the category edit dialogs.

And if you have the plugin right (or is it automatically included?)

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Hello, I am not sure what you meant, can be more specific? Maybe a screen shot?

I would like to close specific threads not based on time as seen below:

Sorry for making this thread off topic - feel free to create new thread admin @codinghorror @sam

You’re looking for this option:

This post outlines how to install the solved plugin and the version requirements:

Also, I would caution calling out the forum admins with an @username in a post unless absolutely necessary. As I think is evidenced by other posts on the forum, they usually will keep up and jump in when necessary on a post.

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I do not have that allow users option since Discourse hosts for us - they will need to do it for us on our end - we do not have access to our YML.

Gotcha. That helps clear up some of my confusion.

Hope you get the feature rolled out to you soon.

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Yeah I just figure it out…haha

Alex, we will be adding this globally in a week or so, just want to iron out all kinks here first.


I can’t wait - I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!