What kind of data my web site need to provide so discource can onebox content

I am developing asp.net core web site.
Parts of that site is going to be published to our discource.
What I am looking is protocol or way to discource automatically onebox links from my sites.

I know that my site have to return specific content so discource can onebox that.
But I can’t remember what name of that data is.

If you just need a simple onebox, implementing oEmbed should be enough :slight_smile:

If you need something different, e.g. interactive content, you’ll need to build a (simple) plugin.


Is there any other name for this in ms word for this .
Googling for implementing oEmbed asp .net does not help me a lot

Thanx a lot I now have starting point at



Yeah, that should be a decent spot to get started. Nothing about this is ASP-specific, you just need to generate a few tags in your HTML output :slight_smile:


Small correction:

  • For simple onebox implement OpenGraph.

  • For more complex onebox implement oEmbed