What may cause the auto-deletion of a topic?

a tl2 user in our community has created a topic and the topic got locked for replying without any action from our admins.

admins unlocked the topic, but then the topic seems to be deleted by the system afterwards! (again without any action from admin-side).

does anyone know the possible reason?

the user hasn’t logged in during the past hours that his topic has been auto-deleted, so I guess it’s something unrelated to action from his side.

p.s.: if I were the topic-owner I’d have felt insecure if my topics got deleted randomly!

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Can you check /admin/logs/staff_action_logs to see if there is anything regarding this topic here?


thanks, the system has auto-deleted the topic and the reason is said to be “deleted by user”. perhaps it’s the first reason that the topic has got locked.

but how does it work? previously users didn’t have the privilege to delete their topics and they had to inform admins to do so.

is it a new feature?

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By default, users can edit (or delete) their topic only during the 24h after posting it (see setting post edit time limit.
It is possible that when a user deletes its own topic, the system automatically closes it.
And by default, deleted topics are completely removed from the topic list after 24 hours (see setting delete removed posts after).


many thanks for your clear and fast help :heart:, I wasn’t sure whether it’s better to undo the system auto-delete or not (from user’s point of view).


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