What problems do you have when using Discourse?

Hi everyone!
I help small and medium-sized French enterprises at my work about their digital presence.
In this regard, I’m currently investigating different community platforms.

Discourse seems very appealing, but I’d like to have your thoughts and feedbacks as Discourse users, moderators and content/community managers.

What kind of problems do you encounter with discourse ? How do you tackle them ?

This would greatly help me (and hopefully others) to give people I work with better guidance and choose the right platform that suits their needs.

Thanks in advance!

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Have you took a look in #praise and #community and overal on meta… There already is a lot of topics to read on what you are asking.

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Indeed, there is a lot of content to read!

#praise:comparison is great and reflect why you choose Discourse and I am currently digging into these threads to increase my knowledge about different community solutions and find usage problems.
For instance, the lack of private section as described here, which could give Discourse “support ticket platform” capabilities.

Also, I am not very concerned about technical problems now. But I’m starting to notice that for every kind of problems you encounter, “there is a plugin for that” :grin:
The intent was to centralize your current pain points here, but I must admit this is a lazy approach :sweat_smile:

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Yep, Discourse default is very good at itself. Plugins are there for admins who need other features. You might like Tickets Plugin :tickets: for your needs.