What to do when a person necrobump a topic?

Idk what to say to them, and if i just straight out tell them that they are necrobumping they will assume i am rude, also, they are new so they might not know the rules.
Necrobump means that you resurrect a really old/irrelevant topic, if you don’t know.

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If a topic is still relevant today, then it’s useful to continue discussion in the same place. It keeps the forum tidy, and prevents duplicate topics. We sometimes see topics here being bumped after 4-5 years of inactivity, and that’s fine.

If the topic is no longer relevant, the forum admins/mods should close it. Discourse has built-in functionality for automatically closing topics after a period of inactivity, which can be useful for categories where topics go ‘stale’ quickly. (e.g. here we use it for #marketplace).

If a topic has already been bumped, then a moderator can split the most recent post into a new topic, and continue discussion there.


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