What type of email service is needed for discourse?


I completed by setup with mailgun and saw some post setting discourse with Zoho . What type of email service is required for a forum setup ? Is transactional mail setup sufficient ? I also stumbled upon the routes option in mailgun which will make it equivalent to zoho,google business email . Correct me if i am wrong i am just to confused with the variety of email saas services that are offered , Any article that could provide complete information explaining the type of email services

(Pad Pors) #2

mailgun is working good, and we’re using mailgun as well. I don’t know what zoho provides, so I can’t compare these two.

Email not working after finished setting discourse
(Damien Bowman) #3

we use sparkpost for our setup. works well and is free until you hit mass. heres a setup guide: Using SparkPost with Discourse - SparkPost

Amazon’s SES is probably very good, so that’s another option, and there’s a tutorial on here.

You’ll have to do some modification to your DNS setup for confirmation and such, but on the whole it isn’t the hardest thing you’ll do this year.