What will happen to existing post content if Twitter implodes?

You know, I have a lot of opinions about Musk, but I haven’t shared them here as this is not a topical place for that. I was looking for a fix for a foreseeable problem in Discourse, and none has been forthcoming.


does this work:

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That sounds like a good alternative to the API, but doesn’t fill the need for a keep these embeds visible after Twitter goes away. (I sincerely believe Twitter will just stop answering at some point.)

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:firecracker: :ok_hand: …and nothing of value was lost? :clown_face:

ok but seriously why can’t you just write a rails script to preserve them? iterate over each post with a cooked twitter embed, rewrite what you need into the raw post, and then rebake it.

Because of limited skillsets perhaps :rofl:

i could probably help, but i don’t have any twitter posts in my discourse site’s db lol. :man_shrugging: