What will happen to my forum if discourse suddenly stopped?

Im very thankful to this amazing software that you have done guys and the more amazing thing that it is open source. Much appreciated .

but i have a question, what will happen to my forum if you stopped the software?

can i have my data and how?

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I presume that you mean what happens if all software development ceased on Discourse. You can continue to use the software until it no longer meets your needs or becomes too insecure if it is no longer updated.

I think development ending early is a very unlikely scenario more than half way through their mission:


I greatly admire what WordPress did for the web; to say that we want to be the WordPress of forums is not a stretch at all. We’re also serious about this eventually being a viable open-source business , in the mold of WordPress. And we’re not the only people who believe in the mission: I’m proud to announce that we have initial venture capital funding from First Round, Greylock, and SV Angel. We’re embarking on a five year mission to improve the fabric of the Internet, and we’re just getting started. Let a million discussions bloom!

He does say five years but they are still going strong.


If you self host then the data will be on a database on your server inside the magic container :slight_smile: If you pay them to host it I imagine you can download regular backups.

I’ve not installed it yet but: Data Explorer Plugin