What would you like to see on your Discourse 2.0 Admin Dashboard?

Moodle had a new settings page when you did an upgrade (probably still does, but I’ve not used it in years). I found it really helpful. I think that there is a large set of admins who don’t read every commit who would like to know when new features appear. It would be much less noisy than having to read every post here or read and understand the commits.

Edit: this should be buried on some upgrade page, not taking up space all the time.


I’d be good with this. Thanks for asking.

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Stats are already being recalculated and cached every 30 minutes, so maybe the rendering is slow.


Can I respectfully propose the opposite.

It’s an admin dashboard. Please make it dense, data-rich and avoid me having to click to navigate to the information i need. I want to see all the info in a single page, with colour used to draw my eye toward anything that needs immediate action.

All the data. One page

The following would be infuriate me:


I don’t want to spend five minutes clicking through a dozen dashboards to see the information that used to be presented in one.


I agree that @erlend_sh’s mockup perhaps goes a bit too far in the other direction, however right now what we present is a wall of numbers in a very busy Excel spreadsheet and it desperately needs simplification.

It would be good to perhaps show 1-2 key graphs along with the most important metrics for your community growth.

To be brutally honest, I would prefer that we copy what other similar software is doing (at least community / post / topic oriented software) rather than reinvent this from scratch.


Yes, this or

is something I have been missing in the active user table and it certainly makes sense as an aggregate indicator on the dashboard.

I’d imagine maybe a combined timeline graph showing a line for number of loggrd in users per day (hour?) and one for average time on site.


That’s something Google Analytics can give you, it’s not really the job of the forum software to tell you that. If you want it, key in your google analytics code in the site settings.


I used a lot of community-analytics.com and discoursemetrics data:

  • active members over the time

What dashboard really misses are aggregated data per week/weekly/year. For example I’d like to know how many new users I had the last week. Or this week or the last month.



I’d like to see metrics on:

  • what % of issues get ‘solved’
  • of the ‘solved’ issues, which user solved them

This would help us to gauge whether our community support is improving over time.



Hello Hawk and friends,

I see this thread is a bit older, but if you are still considering features I would like the ability to filter dates upon landing on the dashboard. I’m doing all my metrics for December right now and it would be nice to filter specific dates instead of just seeing the last 30 days.

filter option would be cool



I had a client ask today for category-level stats (likes, views, posts, etc).


I like all the stats which are already there, really helpful :heart: I’m toying with the idea to have fancy metric graphs, either a circle or just the one you’re providing for the traffic lines. Stats are more beautiful when visualized imho.

Thinking of Kibana a bit here - what if Discourse had “dashlets” which can be dragged/dropped, and users are free to modify their admin dashboard?

This could also involve more custom metrics, including SQL-like searches similar to the badges.
Or tag clouds with the most searched words.
Or traffic charts directly on screen.

I know that this is probably way over the top, but you are already doing great stuff. I could do that with the Prometheus plugin and collect the metrics with Icinga, forward it to Graphite/Grafana … still the main dashboard is what I open the most.

Here’s an example how we’re visualizing performance metrics and logs in Kibana, to get an idea what I mean. I’ve seen that you’ve been blogging about Elastic Stack already.

There’s no need to make the dashboard really dynamic, just some “widgets” would be a cool and fancy addition. That is a “killer” screenshot on discourse.org then too.

Such a dashboard “query” could also be exposed via API, just thinking. Or being added specifically to the Prometheus plugin.

I also like the idea of moving the menu text entries into overview icons. Still I think there are too many menu entries today, it is faster to navigate in the menu right on, than to move the mouse onto the dashboard.



This is generally done through third party analytics such as Google Analytics – be sure you have set that up by entering your analytics ID in your site settings.

I do have GA on my instance.

To me, the discourse dashboard is a succinct window into my community. I really like it. Just a tiny bit more filtering would be nice.


The data in the dashboard is excellent for reviewing key metrics at a glance, but if you are porting the data into excel/sheets for custom weekly or monthly summaries to distribute it can be clunky. If I want to pull daily data for each stat category I need to enter each one and either export or copy/paste. Would love it if I could select a date range and export a set number of days from all (or a group of select) stats and get one CSV with several columns of data.

What you need is the Data Explorer Plugin.


Looks like I had it but didn’t even realize it was there. I’m not very good writing SQL. Has anyone posted a simple query to pull daily details for the 25ish stat categories that are displayed on the admin dashboard?


Not certain - but I’d check out What cool data explorer queries have you come up with? to get some ideas where to start.


I’m a SQL newbie as well and was a bit intimidated by Data Explorer at first but it’s super cool, there’s a side panel reference where you can browse all the data tables / column names, and one click export.

Also that thread @jomaxro linked has a ton of great examples. Someone (I forget who but I think it’s in that thread somewhere) even made a github repo collecting all the queries in one place, super easy to copy paste and test them all to play around w/ it :slight_smile:


And it’s read only, so no matter how stupid your query is, you can’t really hurt anything.