What's next for the Discourse team?

Rumours, speculation, wish lists and posts from the DC team welcome :smile:

Personally I think a community orientated publishing platform is crying out for the DC Team touch! It’s also a natural progression and complement to DC, whether as an evolution or a separate product.

Think of articles, news pieces, reviews, blogs even - as the main article (first post) and comments (subsequent posts). Add in custom fields for categories/threads, then you have a cms-like system that can be used for things like reviews, albums, info pages etc.

As an example this site uses vBulletin to power every section - all news/articles etc are just normal threads!

I can see lots of publishing houses/commercial blogs moving to DC for such a system… and I bet they’d be willing to pay for premium hosting :smiley:

Just an idea :stuck_out_tongue:

On a separate note, I continue to be impressed by DC and the Team - well done all of you for making one of the best forum platforms around. It’s been my favourite platform for a while now, and (as someone who has used a lot of forum platforms over the last ten years) I would rate it as the current leader, the industry standard :+1: :clap:


Thanks, that’s high praise indeed!

Our roadmap is generally at #releases and I can definitely say there are no real :rabbit: out of a :tophat: surprises planned at this point – just the expected growth: improved and new features, more and bigger hosting, better and easier importers and migrators, etc!

We’re currently four years into a 10 year plan, so … by Feb 2018 we will technically have reached the halfway point!


That’s another thing I like about Discourse - that you have a public roadmap! One of my biggest pet hates about other platforms was not being informed of plans; we always felt like we were in the dark and it was very frustrating.

What do you think of the idea of enabling things like custom topic fields per category? That, with an easier way to customise pages (per category) could turn DC into a powerful community-orientated publishing platform…

I can’t believe four years have passed already! Seems only like yesterday you were just announcing it.

You probably remember that I was one of its biggest sceptics… now I’m glad to be one of its biggest fans :thumbsup:

Well done to you all :slight_smile: