"What's your favourite X?" - restricting a topic to one reply per user?

We’ve seen a few “what’s your favourite X?” topics on my forum, and inevitably, one or two members don’t understand the concept of “favourite,” and post a slew of replies of all the things they like. Nothing kills a topic like domination.

I’d like to be able to restrict some topics to one reply per user. I think it would encourage participation, and encourage people to think about their post.

Anyone else have a similar use case?


For teaching it can be handy to require that people reply only once to a particular assignment.

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For that case, you might want to stop edits, too.

That’s be a good option. I mostly let people keep trying to get better rather than slam them. Also, there is some advantage to encouraging people to respond early.

Another cool option for teaching is not letting people see other posts until they have responded.