When a password reset link is expired?

Every now and then, I get a complain from my users that password reset link is expired for them and they get confused. and I dont exactly know what is the reproduction steps. I thought maybe they send the password reset email twice at once and mistakenly click on the old (first email) link. But when I did this, both links worked correctly. When exactly the link expires?

While Iā€™d say that an expired password reset link is not really a big issue (you can just request a new one), I do agree that it would make sense to include some expiry information in the relevant email templates. I was unable to find out that information though.


The default is 48 hours. You can change the validity period with the email token valid hours site setting.


One of my users seems to have this issue. He tried resetting his password with no success and emailed me:

I wait for the e-mail, immediately use the link and so far, both times it replies that the information is old and expired.


Is his computer clock off? Is the server clock off?