Set password email copy for new sign-ups is potentially confusing

This email is sent when an invited person accepts an invitation.

The problem:

The last paragraph is unnecessary and confusing. They don’t have a password yet. It might lead them to think that they should have received or had an existing password somehow.

When I clicked on the link, I got a screen with just one text field for choosing a password.

Suggested improvement:

Remove the last paragraph from the copy.


No, don’t remove it.

It needs to be changed to say something like:

If the link above has expired and you did not set a password, choose 'I …


Yes @riking is correct here – depends when they open the email. So I’ll change it to

(If the link above has expired, choose “I forgot my password” when logging in with your email address.)

That way it is a parenthetical which shows it is clearly optional and only applies if the link is old.

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