When a silenced user tries to post, they are told they cannot view a resource, instead of being told they cannot write

I need users to be prevented from writing topics until they’ve met a condition such as reading 30 topics, or accepting a policy. This means using either the silence functionality or the trust system. However when a user is in that read-only state, and that user tries to make a post, then the message they get is that they are not permitted to view the requested resource. Whilst this is technically true, it fails to explicitly tell the user that they do not have permissions to write.

“You are not permitted to view the requested resource”

The property here is invalid_access, which is presumably designed to capture both read and write permissions.

Is it possible to expand this, such that we can also have an invalid_write_access, and invalid_read_access property?

My current workaround is to change the message such that it contains both clauses:

You do not have necessary permissions to perform the given action, or view the given resource.