"You may not view the requested resource" when posting in category where not allowed

Found a strange error (which should be friendlier/more understandable to the user) when I do the following:

  • Login to a dummy user
  • Go to a post in a (private, if related) category where you are not allowed to create topics
  • On that post > Reply as topic
  • Fill title and post (leave category on default)
  • Error pup-up: You may not view the requested resource.

The category field will default to the category where the user is not allowed to create topics. Now this is not a real problem, but at least it should say something like “You are not allowed to post in this category” or even better, if set, show Banner text when a user cannot create a topic in this category: from category settings.

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Yes, I can reproduce that, if the category doesn’t allow topic creation, but it does allow replies.

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