When are users notified via email?

Please forgive me if I’m asking a question that might have been answered in another thread. It has been answered partially but I’d like to make sure I understand this correctly. As far as I know, users are notified via email in the following instances:

  • When somebody responds to that user’s post directly (only if the response follows immediately after the user’s post)
  • When somebody quotes that user
  • When somebody @addresses that user directly in a post

Is that correct? Many thanks.


That is correct, but only if the user’s browser has not pinged the website in the last 10 minutes.

Otherwise we would be mailing a user to notify them about something they already saw in their web browser.

In general, it’s quite simple:

you are notified when someone is talking DIRECTLY TO YOU


you will be emailed if your browser is not currently touching the website (on any device)