When editing a wiki, one edit counts as two

When editing a wiki topic, the edit history notification counts 2 edits. The first edit shows nothing and the second one shows the exact edit and its reasoning.

First issue

The first issue is the one mentioned above

Second issue

When editing a title not from the pencil next to the title, but from the wiki edit, 2 notifications appear again. One notification for the title and one for the reasoning (:information_source:).

Example: I want to change the title but simultaneously let everyone know why I have changed the title. That doesn’t work though, because there are 2 different notifications and not one including everything.

I think that all the edits should appear in one history edit notification and not 2 separate ones. Again, I am not sure if it’s something expected…


Can we repro this on Monday @osioke?


this happens for all the posts, not only wikis. and as far as I know, it only happens when an edit takes long time to be done. i.e. when you press the edit button, and do edits, and it takes longer than 5-10 min, then you finalize the changes.


I couldn’t repro this:

@Thomas_G can you share a screencast/video of your repro?

I could repro this consistently. Editing a wiki post title with a reason for the edit creates 2 edit notification, one for the reasoning and the other for the edit:

Before the title edit:

After the title edit:

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@osioke - Sure thing:

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Probably a bug we should assign @eviltrout?